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We supply all filter types including Prefilters, Filter Media, Fine Filters, HEPA filters and ULPA Filters.
Peter Mcleod Air Filtration Products is an agent of AFPRO Filters (Find their full range catalog here). Locally we manufacture various filters including Metal Mesh / Grease filters and Washable Panel Filters.The best quality Bag and Compact filters base materials are imported. The HEPA filter is a three construction "nuclear grade" the frame construction is a three component metal pressing giving total rigidity in all dimensions.  Speak to us about specialized filtration systems specifically the Bag-in-Bag-out filter system and the Nuclear Filtration system.

Why is filtration important?

The air surrounding us comprises 78% nitrogen, 21% oxygen and 1% various gases and solid particles. This last component listed comprises such elements and compounds as noble gases, carbon dioxide, fine particles, salts and gas emissions from motor traffic and industry. Although one percent sounds like very little, it does determine whether the air quality is considered healthy or unhealthy. Although the operation of a filter may appear very simple in theory, filters are in fact highly complex products. The filter fibres have to allow sufficient air to pass through – without offering too much resistance – while also trapping harmful particles. This is the strength of good filters.

Filters protect your operating process

Apart from protecting people, filters can also be used to guarantee the progress of operating processes. The applicable filter requirements naturally vary, depending on the type of operating process in question. AFPRO Filters can nevertheless provide a suitable filter, whatever the process. Many of our products are ultimately destined for the nuclear industry, in gas turbines, in the field of semiconductor manufacturing and the pharmaceuticals sector.

The Sick Building Syndrome (SBS)

People in the western world spend around 70% of their time indoors. Countless health problems can consequently be attributed to ‘indoor conditions’. Air quality in the workplace is sometimes also far from perfect. This can cause sick building syndrome (SBS). Almost three quarters of cases of SBS can be attributed to the dust particles present within the premises. Common symptoms of SBS include listlessness, concentration and respiratory problems, headaches, drowsiness, skin and eye irritation and fatigue. Adequate air filtration is a relatively simple means of combating SBS and protecting people from its harmful effects. AFPRO Filters’ range of appropriate products enables us to vouch for the air quality. Our sales staff are equipped to provide a suitable solution for a healthy indoor or outdoor climate in any circumstances. These applications are widely used in business premises, hotels and conference centres. Watch this interesting video

Filters protect people

A human being inhales and exhales some twenty kilograms of air daily. Twenty kilos! This is quite an impressive figure, particularly when one considers that a human being also consumes around one and a half kilos of food and two and a half kilos of water. People are inclined to pay close attention to what they eat and drink, while government bodies also issue dietary recommendations. It therefore appears only logical that we should devote greater attention to the quality of the air we breathe. How might airborne substances affect our performance and health? And what can we do to ensure the optimum quality of the air that we breathe?

The Dust Stops Here!!!